My Native Drums

Yolanda Martinez is of Apache, Comanche, and Spanish heritage. She is an award-winning Artist, Singer, Composer, and Master Drum Maker.  She won her first NAMMY/GRAMMY, Native American Music Award in 2005 for “Best Female Artist” for her Native Heartbeat CD.  She also earned three NAMMY/GRAMMY’S 2004 Native Heart 2010 Best Compilation 2011 Best Compilation 2012 Best Collective and two ISMA Native Music Awards. 

In 1987, Yolanda made her first native drum, which turned out to be a very powerful part of her native musical and personal journey. She has been making these beautiful drums for over 30 years. The drums are instruments that synthesize Yolanda’s music with her Native beliefs and ways.  

Yolanda works with Buffalo, Elk, and Cow hides as the base of her drums.  She incorporates Sacred Geometry into the stretching and tying of the drum, which adds a strong energy and vibration to each drum.  Some of The Sacred Geometry designs she creates are:

You can purchase my drums on this website HERE

Yolanda’s original drum designs emanate from Intuitive Spirit, which are part of the Apache teachings and beliefs she has learned.

Listen and download Yolanda’s award-winning music consisting of Native American, Latin, Jazz, Country, combined with contemporary influences.

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