Become a Drum Maker

This Training Consists of: How to make Yolanda’s drums and become a drum maker
How to handle hides and all the steps on how to prepare full hides for cutting and stretching.
How to stretch the hides over a hand drum hoop.
How to create Yolanda’s Sacred Geometry Designs in the stretching of the drums.
How to make your patterns for all different size of drums.
How to prepare the Dowels/Tree Branches to make Drum Sticks.
Tools you need to do this work.
Drum Making Workshops:   How to prepare and do workshops.

Learn the ageless process of manufacturing, and honoring these powerful and beautiful drums with Yolanda. This certification consists of a week long in-person training. On hold now, during COVID-19.

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The Business of Selling Drums Whole Sale & Retail

The Philosophy of the Drum Traditions, How to Drum in Energy Work, How to Hold Circles

Drum Making School

Cutting Hide
Learning the Stretch Process
“Yay, I did it!”
My first Drum!

Drum Making Patterns

Lunch Break:   Yolanda’s Enchiladas. . . . MMMMMM

We have fun doing this process, because if you don’t have fun then it’s not worth doing!