Desert Song

Drumming with songs and chants CD, wonderful songs with all kinds of different rhythms and beats.  The children love these songs and will sing them for years to come.  Also a wonderful way for you to learn to play and sing with your drums.  These songs are used in drumming circles around the world.  Nominated for a NAMMY/GRAMMY a very uplifting CD.

1.  Ya-Ta-We - Introduction
2.  Desert Song
3.  He-Ne-Ana
4.  Mother I feel You
5.  Intro to 5th Element
6.  5th Element
7.  Cedar Song
8.  Ancient Altar Song
9.  Walking the Desert
10. Path of Beauty
11. Blessing the Land
12. Spirit of the Wind
13. Mi Vida
14. Intro to Land of Enchantment
15. Land of Enchantment
16. Ancient Mother
17. Buffalo Woman is Calling
18. Closet Medicine Man
19. Changing Faces
20. Whirlwind Woman
21. Intro to Lady Hawk
22. Lady Hawk
23. The Traveling Song

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