Amor Deveras

Yolanda's first Latin CD, this one will have you up and dancing and singing along with the traditional songs that your mother and father used to sing and dance to.  She also has some wonderful original songs that she has written along with songs gifted from wonderful artists like Davide Buzzi and Jimmy Lee Young.  You will want to gift this to all your friends.  Another NAMMY/GRAMMY nominated CD.

1.  Los Laureles
2.  Amor Deveras
3.  Siempre & Mas Alla
4.  La Ultima Noche
5.  Si Quieres Verme Llorar
6.  Un Angel
7.  Luz Preciosa
8.  La Llorona
9.  Nosotros
10. Mujer Indígena
11. Besame Mucho
12. Ayudame Dios Mio
13. Corazon Espinado
14. El Puente

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Price: $14.95

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