Native Heartbeat In El Paso

This wonderful DVD of Yolanda doing a drumming circle on the campus of UTEP (University of El Paso) on a beautiful sunny afternoon and ending as the sun sets.  This is then followed by a beautiful concert in one of their Concert Halls.  This DVD is 69 min. long.

Afternoon Drumming - 24 minutes
1.  Ya-ta-we - Introduction
2.  Ancient Altar Song
3.  Mother I Feel You
4.  Cedar Song
5.  River Song
6.  Drumming Instruction
7.  Round Dance
Evening Concert - 45 minutes
1.  Buffalo Woman Is Calling
2.  Mi Vida
3.  Land of Enchantment
4.  Ancient Mother
5.  Apache Moon
6.  Lonely Warrior
7.  Medicine Line
8.  Sabor A Mi
9.  Native Heartbeat
10. The Traveling Song (Audience Participation)
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Price: $19.95

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