Prayer Beads

RoseWoodPicMy name is Rose Wood, born and raised in beautiful California.  I come from a mixture of native peoples all rolled nicely into one package.  My Mother was Miwok from El Dorado County, California and Hawaiian.  My maternal grandfather was from the Big Island of Hawaii.  My father was born in Mexico but raised in California. With such diversity I fit right in to California’s indigenous population. Most of my career and life has been spent working with various tribes throughout California and Nevada. I treasure my cultures, traditions, ceremonies and people. Thankfully, I’m surrounded by music, dance, cultures, good friends and good food which makes me a happy elder in my community. Since my retirement, I’ve begun to enjoy crafting, music lessons, gardening, and producing healthy foods.

I’m currently enrolled in apprenticeship learning wild crafting  tinctures, with flowers and herbs. I’m very happy to share my love of prayer beads, and jewelry with others and will continue to expand on my creations.

Mahalo and many blessings.  Aloha, Rose Wood DBA, RoseCraft, Grass Valley, California

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