Yolanda in Concert – Silver City, NM

A wonderful concert of Yolanda's Drumming and chants along with some of her beautiful contemporary country and latin rhythms.  She is accompanied by Patrick Flynn on Guitar, Flute & Drums and Michelle Valverde on Percussion.  A wonderful 42 min. experience

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Native Heartbeat In El Paso

This wonderful DVD of Yolanda doing a drumming circle on the campus of UTEP (University of El Paso) on a beautiful sunny afternoon and ending as the sun sets.  This is then followed by a beautiful concert in one of their Concert Halls.  This DVD is 69 min. long.

Afternoon Drumming - 24 minutes
1.  Ya-ta-we - Introduction
2.  Ancient Altar Song
3.  Mother I Feel You
4.  Cedar Song
5.  River Song
6.  Drumming Instruction
7.  Round Dance
Evening Concert - 45 minutes
1.  Buffalo Woman Is Calling
2.  Mi Vida
3.  Land of Enchantment
4.  Ancient Mother
5.  Apache Moon
6.  Lonely Warrior
7.  Medicine Line
8.  Sabor A Mi
9.  Native Heartbeat
10. The Traveling Song (Audience Participation)
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Land of Enchantment

Yolanda out in her beautiful desert doing her rendition of her original song "Land of Enchantment.  5 min.

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Genius Sky

Clouds like you've never seen them before!

This film featuring a phenomenal and amazing one-of-a-kind photographer Michael C. Gutierrez, takes you on a breath taking journey of discovery into the magic, GENIUS, and mystery of what lurks in the glorious clouds of Southern New Mexico.  New Mexico is world famous for it's spectacular sky and cloud formations, and no glossy magazine cover or master artist painting can compare to what awaits the viewer of this spellbinding and break through film. GENIUS SKY, a journey into the heavens!

Price: $19.95

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Echoes from the Ancestors

A classic piece of film making, Echoes from the Ancestors breaths spectacular scenic beauty and life back into some of the first wise and powerful inhabitants of the land we call America.  Echoes from the Ancestors, can be that open door whereby the beginning of a deeper understanding and healing begins.  Listen carefully to the words of the "wise ones", as you enjoy the majestic wilderness scenery of New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming which was and is the Native American homeland.  29 min.

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Drum Making Instructional Video

Hold your own Drum Making Workshops with Master Drum Maker Yolanda Martinez.  She walks you through from beginning to end on how to make her 16" Native American hand drums; out in nature at her home in New Mexico.  She opens this beautiful video with her talking abut Earth Mother and singing a beautiful chant "Ya Ta wey" and she finishes it with her song "Land of Enchantment".

If you are wanting to start a new business and learn a wonderful enriching new trade, this is the video you have been looking for.  Change your life, change the world!

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Price: $395.00

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Desert Woman

High Definition/Wide Screen DVD, 73 min.

A unique and one-of-a-kind documentary film that depicts the life-journey, and music of a modern day New Mexico DESERT WOMAN, Yolanda Martinez Apache/Comanche/Hispanic.  In this musical film, Yolanda performs many of her spell-binding original songs, as well as some great standards.  She has chosen to allow the viewer of this film into her home where she sings and also shows and explains some of the treasured one-of-a-kind Native American artifacts on display throughout her welcoming and beautiful abode, where peaceful Spirit resides.  Along with breathtaking morning and evening scenes of the magical and spiritual desert of Southern New Mexico's LAND OF ENCHANTMENT, this film explores four pivotal segments of DESERT WOMAN'S life journey...a journey made by one, and also a journey, discovered by many who view this film, that they have also had a similar 'life-journey'; showing us once again how we are all inter-connected.

1.  Gathering Energy (Opening Credits)
2.  Ate Wakantanka
3.  Mi Vida
4.  Desert Woman - Drum
5.  Siempre Y Mas Alla
6.  Amor Deveras
7.  First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
8.  America
9.  Buffalo Cries
10. Un Angel
11. Riding The Wind
12. Native Heartbeat
13. Desert Woman
14. He-Ne-Ana (Closing Credits)
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Price: $19.95

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